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Welcome to Jobbys, the world #1 place for Employers and Candidate with over 7millions jobseekers and employers.

Our Vision
I wake up every morning with an expectation of getting a better career, but all effort was not working. Why? Because we have less community that would connects to the right candidate or employers, so I said to myself I don’t want to be part of the problem but be part of the solution solvers. So I decided to create an avenue where candidate would have choices of whose employer they should work for and even see reviews or rating for that employers. While employers will find the right candidate with no much hassle to fill in their positions by going through their resumes as well as have a live conversation with them.

Our mission is simple: Connects employers and candidates in one platform where they connect and exchange information’s and resumes. At the end it’s a WIN game for both people.

Who we are?
With over millions of unemployed candidate and unfilled position, our main objectives Is to put employers and job seekers first by connecting them to the right job and right candidate. We lead a diversified business with revenues from membership subscriptions, advertising sales and recruitment solutions.

Our Service

  • Advertise A Job

    With Jobbys you can advertise a job ranging from Cleaning to a professional job for no cost unless you decide to feature your post.
  • CV Search

    Employers can search for resumes and profiles by using our easy to use platform for their ideal candidate for any positions in their organization.
  • Recruiter Profiles

    Candidate can view profiles of recruiters before applying for a job or accepting a job offers from any employers.
  • Temp Search

    Recruiters can search for temporary candidate to fill up a positions and get the same work done whilst their staff is away.
  • Display Jobs

    With our platform you can view millions of jobs and apply for any suited positions posted by our partnered recruiters and companies.
  • For Agencies

    Recruitment Agency can also look up and select resumes from our millions of candidates or post a job in other for the right candidate to come to them.
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