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Get an amazing internship placement in Australia

Do you want to get an amazing internship placement in Australia and don’t know what to do?

Unlike jobs, internship placements are quite easier to get because you can walk up to a nearby company and request to work for free plus you won’t be in the company for a long time.

If you are looking forward to getting an internship placement, then there is a very high probability that you must have read some blog post that would give you some useful piece of advice like; create an attention getting CV and cover letter, Prepare well for your interview, be confident, be over prepared etc.

As true as these advices are, I think it is quite basic to a 21st century job-seeker. If these information is new to you then maybe you have not started your job search journey, see how you can start here.

Just like jobs, the competition for internship positions is getting even tighter. It may sound quite easy to walk up to a “nobody knows the name” company and request to intern with them; but what about the “big ones”, are they not made for people?

The big question here is how do some candidates get these amazing internship placements in Australia considering the application pile? What makes them stand out from the crowd?

I asked Interns from top companies in Australia how they got their placements? I interviewed interns from SHELL, COMMONWEALTH BANK, IBM, GOOGLE and I asked them these questions:

a. How did you get your internship position?  

b. How long did it take you to secure an internship position?

c. How has taking an internship position helped your career?  

d. What search channel do you think is the most reliable when searching for an internship opportunity?  

e. What is your advice to young Australians that are searching for jobs?  

 See their responses:

  1. I applied for the internship position sometimes in September last year, the company policy requires that intending interns apply 3-6 months before their start date.
  2. After I got an acknowledgment mail from the company I waited for 5 months before I randomly got a call and I was interviewed on the spot. I got a mail later that day and that was how I was selected for the position.
  3. I feel I can face any situation that comes professionally. My supervisor is a disciplinarian and demands that things be done perfectly. She taught me how to confront professional challenges. Having SHELL on my CV feels like an upgrade too.
  4. Usually I make use of online job boards like; Jobbys and Google
  5. I have received more rejection letters then I have ever thought I would, but nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. Keep pushing and keep praying too.

Research Intern, SHELL

  1. I saw the advert in 2018 and I applied. 
  2. Well, it took me less than 30minutes to prepare my application. Surprisingly to me I was invited for interview and that was how I got the internship position.
  3. Online channel
  4. My little advice is that, persistent and hard work are the key to success which everyone should emulate.

Intern, Commonwealth Bank


  1. I applied just like every other applicant. I really wanted to have the opportunity to work in the bank, so I went for what I wanted
  2. It was a week.
  3. It has helped me understand the workplace relationship and, I was able to improve on some skills.
  4. To be sincere I tried all, starting from social media, to using Google, talked to friends and all
  5. You should never put your eggs in one basket, and don’t rely on anyone. You are your assurance, so only you can get what you want for yourself.
  6. Continuous self-development is important, take online courses, get skills, and network with people, all these could play vital roles in getting your desired job. You’ve got to stand out from everyone else

Intern, Schlumberger


  1. Applied on Schlumberger Career website stating my preferred type of Internship program I wanted to run. Uploading and filling all e-forms on the platform. Got invited for an aptitude test. Then was called to resume as I passed the test.
  2. The whole process of applying and being invited for the aptitude test and then being called to resume took about 4 months.
  3. My internship with Schlumberger has greatly increased my knowledge in my field as a geophysicist and setting me ahead of my peers based on the knowledge of seismic processing in the Industry. It has also motivated me because I got practical tutelage on how diverse the industry is and how working hard and being smart at it can set you up on a high pedestal.
  4. Google, and online job boards like Jobbys
  5. They should first of all have the ability to be competent in the job they are seeking. Then when applying for jobs they should make their potential employers know what they’ll bring to the table.  Also, they should attend seminars, networking meeting etc. as these are social setting where potential employer can also be encountered.

Commercial Finance Intern, Australian Bottling Company


  1. I got the internship position by applying online to the advert. Then I did the online assessments as well as both personal and group interviews. And I was selected
  2. From the date of application, it took about 2-3 weeks
  3. Taking an internship position has helped my career because I’ve made some important connections that I believe will be essential in helping me secure a good job once I’m done. I have also acquired a lot of on the job trainings that will be useful when I begin full time work
  4. Google jobs, and a lot of other job sites that send emails on available positions. I’m not sure which specific ones
  5. My advice to them is to be persistent in their search, subscribe to all possible job sites for daily alerts, acquire relevant skills while searching, and they should work on themselves generally

Communication Intern, Unilever Australia


  1. I got my internship position through a WhatsApp broadcast on one of my school groups.
  2. Getting the position was not so strenuous for me as at then. I was in my finals when I applied and the recruitment process took about 3 weeks.
  3. Taking the internship position has helped my put theory into practice. It was my first exposure to the corporate world, which was very well needed. To me internships help young graduates discover themselves and carve a career path for them.
  4. Job search portals, Friends, Google search, LinkedIn, amongst others.
  5. Job search is not easy, but we must never give up. Perseverance and honest self-evaluation is important to move forward. Whenever you get rejection mails, do not duel on it, see at as an opportunity to do better in the next interview meeting. And never forget to pray as well. The God factor is key.

Intern Geophysicist, SHELL


  1. Through a petroleum geoscience school, Danvic Petroleum International, though I’m not sure they still give internship opportunities
  2. I did 6 months training before the internship
  3. Professional/ Technical experience in hydrocarbon exploration
  4. I can’t really say
  5. I would advise them to keep trying every opportunity. Have an academic focus and keep all options open. If a job doesn’t come along immediately, try accredited graduate training schools, graduate internships, and MSc options. There are several schools in the US who provide free tuition for MSc and PHD degrees in form of Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships

Quality Control Intern, Julius Berger


  1. Through a family friend
  2. A few weeks but I sent an application letter 2/3 months earlier
  3. Gained lots of work experience, networked with different professional, got a good exposure of the construction industry, etc.
  4. The internet is one and knowing an insider.
  5. Never stop learning and improve yourself even in your comfort zone, build your network as a student by talking to people about what you are passionate about (career wise). You never tell who is there to help, attend seminars and workshops, volunteering.

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